Rucking Camp 001

“GO•RUCK [VERB GO + VERB RUCK] NOUN Ruck is short for rucksack (aka backpack),
it’s also a verb: to ruck is to move with a rucksack, and implies action, energy, and purpose.”

If you’ve heard of the GORUCK brand then you understand the mental and physical toughness that comes with participating in their events. If you haven’t heard of GORUCK, then you’re in for a treat because we just hosted our first Rucking Camp aka a Ruck Club, which will be one of many more to come. 


Our goal with Rucking Camp is to bring awareness to the GORUCK movement, to give our community a great time, to build teams and even friendships, and to just enjoy a tough and sandy workout together. Neither of us are veterans, we hosted this event from a 100% civilian standpoint, aside from our GORUCK experiences, and have complete respect to those who fight and have fought for our country. 


As people began to arrive, they wanted to know how close this event would be to an actual GORUCK Challenge, I would like to disclaim that our event lasted 3 hours, but a true GORUCK Challenge can’t be recreated by anyone but those who host them now. We are a couple who fell in love doing GORUCK’s and wanted to give those who also love rucking a good time!


At the starting point, CleanEatz of Jacksonville showed up with amino acid pops ready-to-go on dry ice. They also gave the participant selected MVP 10 free meals from their restaurant, a HUGE thank you to you guys as you made our event that much more special. 


We warmed everyone up Strength Camp style, mostly to shake off the nerves and excitement. We had an American flag, a GORUCK flag, a rope, and a 55 pound plate as our ‘team weight’, which needed to be carried without falling out of rank. This was the first rucking experience for every participant who came out, so it was neat to see the camaraderie, the teamwork, and the encouragement that came every step of the way Saturday night. 


Rucking down the street in two lines, everyone stayed in good spirits for the first mile. Once we hit 16th Street, we made our way to the beach where we put them through some PT: squats, push ups, fireman carries, planks, reverse planks, etc. They did all of it with smiles on their faces. We gathered up our rucks and made our way another mile down the beach, nighttime setting in. They worked together to keep everyone informed on upcoming holes or debris that could cause any injuries. Once we hit a good spot, we set up the flags, and had them line up and pull the team weight by the rope while buried in the sand. Once they had all gone through a few times, we had them get nice and dirty: bear crawling, reverse bear crawling, army crawling, bear crawling with partner dragging, you name it, we did it. 


Before long, they all linked arms to experience some more PT in the ocean water. Having been through that myself, it was so amazing to watch how these strangers worked together to accomplish each task as a team. To end the night on a high note, we had them army crawl almost 75 yards to their rucksacks and run back into the ocean water. What an amazing experience for us and for each person who came out to participate. 


We were so honored to be able to share this with others and we are excited to be even a small part of GORUCK. We will be hosting our next Rucking Camp in October and it will be geared toward 5-15 year old kids. Follow our social media for updates on that event! 

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