Kids Can Too

     Everyone has specific talents and skills that make whatever career they fall into ‘theirs’. We each sharpen and develop these skills to be able to do our jobs better, more efficiently, and more effectively. For me, I always felt as if I had certain talents that weren’t useful in the niche I was trying to grow into. I felt useless and, honestly, like I was losing my purpose. 

Keeping Your "Self" in Your Industry

     I think the phrase “be yourself” and “stay true to yourself’ gets thrown around loosely these days. We want to stay true to ourselves, but do we really know what that even means? A majority of the time we aren’t even sure who our “self” is, but we watch shows and read books that encourage us to be those selves. I believe that we are an ever-changing species, ones who adapt to our surroundings, are influenced by knowledge, and recreate from experiences. Your self, and not getting into the psychological or sociological meaning, is the large parts inside your heart that you identify as: your morals, your passions, your disposition, etc.. I’m no expert, this is purely my opinion and my story, but I think that deep down, no matter how much you’ve changed over the years, there is a self inside us all that stays the same. Some of us harden, some soften, some of us grow bolder, some do not, some of us gain courage, and others more reclusive, but the deep core of who we all are is still within us. 

4 Tips to Love Your Relationship with Food Again

     When we hear the word food, we all have opinions on how to eat, how to cook, when to eat, what you should and shouldn’t put in your body, etc. What we don’t realize is the most fundamental aspect of a person’s metabolism is their relationship with food. We live in a society where the percentages of eating disorders (diagnosed and undiagnosed) are horrifyingly high and a society where we have access to too much information about different diets and lifestyles. We all want to help other people, but we are doing it by throwing these diets and lifestyles at each other expecting us all to come out on top as ketogenic-lovers, Adkins fanatics, or tupperware eaters. But we fail to see that the true cause of unsuccessful eating habits comes from a lack of healing and nurturing of your relationship with food. 

It's Called Gym Fear

    Gym fear is a genuine concern for a lot of us out here in the real world. Not knowing what equipment to use, knowing how to do exercises, but afraid people will sneer at how much weight we lift or how we’re doing it, fear of people staring at us, and fear of people judging us, these are all pieces to a puzzle we don’t know why we’re building. Planet fitness was on to something when they originally came up with the “judge-free zone”, but the execution is not that great. It serves for those beginners who are afraid of being watched, but now it alienates fitness professionals who may just want to get in a workout without talking to other people too. I have personally had the 'Lunk' alarm go off on me twice when I wasn’t doing anything inappropriate towards anyone, but was performing an exercise that seemed ‘intimidating’ to the guy behind the counter. IT. IS. CRAZY! As an industry, we push every type of person looking to become healthy into a box based on how they look, what they know, how they look with what they know, or simply which gym they’re going to.

    So how do we break this fear without pushing people down this path that causes negativity? In this article I have a tip or two  that will ease the minds of many and maybe give you the courage to try out that gym you’ve always wanted to be a part 


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